The Lost Watch 3D

The Lost Watch 3D Lite 1.0.0

Fascinating, life-like wallpaper for your Mac


  • Stylish
  • Realistic water effect
  • Doesn't slow down computer
  • Also screensaver


  • Can be a bit distracting
  • No options

Very good

The Lost Watch 3D animated wallpaper is a beautiful, unique way of decorating your desktop.

The premise of this wallpaper is that an old-fashioned pocket watch has fallen into a pool of clear water. You can see the date and time on the fact of the watch, but you're looking at it through gently rippling water and the odd leaf that floats past.

The Lost Watch 3D has no configuration options - it's either on or off - but it looks impressive. The Lost Watch 3D picture quality is impressive, with a crystal-clear picture and sharp water effect. The only problem we could see, in fact, was the fact that The Lost Watch 3D does ripple quite frequently, which can be distracting if your windows aren't maximized.

The Lost Watch 3D wallpaper is really impressive and will make your Mac look really special.

The Lost Watch 3D


The Lost Watch 3D Lite 1.0.0

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